Tasse Coffee - Introduction

Coffee is a necessity for many Hong Kong people. In a city full of strong coffee culture, "coffee" is just that...?

As small as the origin, characteristics, and identification methods of a single coffee bean, as well as the grinding process, brewing method, required tools and skills, etc., are all knowledge, and there is still a lot to be discovered, explored, studied and studied. A place to practice. When you know coffee, you can enjoy the flavor. Every cup of coffee is unique, not only affected by external factors, but also by inner emotions. In the world of coffee, it is peace, fascination, and emotional expression. Some feel, some unique, the big can only be found in coffee. Coffee is like a journey, you have to experience it to experience the uniqueness, and what you find may be unexpected.

For different people, coffee has different meanings. Some people think that coffee is a habit, some people think it is an attitude to life, and some people are fascinated by coffee, and even hope to spread the knowledge and knowledge of "coffee" and share their interest and enthusiasm for "coffee" with more people. And Tasse Coffee was born because of this.

For founders Candice, Raymond and Shawn, coffee is not just a profession, but a symbol of their stories and friendship. They also hope to share the taste of coffee and their coffee stories with you through Tasse Coffee.

What is coffee to you? What is the journey behind it?

Looking forward to sharing the coffee story with you! To know more about us, welcome to visit ourwebsite