SCA New System, New Diploma, New Curriculum

An article explaining the new system of SCA, the new diploma, the new curriculum

🎓Retired SCA Coffee Diploma
The original SCA Coffee Diploma (100 points) was discontinued on 31 December 2023. The new SCA Skills Diploma now completely replaces the 100 Diploma and is recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association as a valid representation of the student's achievements. The old SCA certificate will also be incorporated into the new SCA Skills Diploma. The new SCA Skills Diploma is designed to further recognize professional work skills in the coffee industry, providing in-depth knowledge and practical experience to help participants adapt quickly to the employment environment.

🎓New Shizhang SCA Wen
1. SCA Sustainable Coffee Diploma: Participants learn to assess and manage sustainability, drive best practices, and take a leadership role in the sustainable coffee industry.
2. SCA Coffee Shop Diploma: The diploma develops leadership skills in coffee experiences and coffee shop operations that promote environmental and social responsibility in the industry.
3. SCA Coffee Bean Roasting Diploma: The diploma develops leadership skills, including technology, quality control and sustainable supply chains, to promote environmental and social responsibility.
4. SCA Coffee Trade Diploma: With an emphasis on sustainability, participants learn about bean selection, quality assessment, business processes and ethical standards, and promote a sustainable coffee industry.

Each new diploma requires taking a designated SCA existing course in combination with two newly introduced advanced courses.

🎓Two new courses
1. Coffee Sustainability Course: Develop the sustainability knowledge and skills of coffee professionals to become sustainability advocates in the coffee supply chain.
2. Coffee Technician Course: covers electrical, hydraulic, water and preventive maintenance, etc., and develops students' ability to repair or repair coffee equipment.

🎓 SCA Premier Training Campus
Tasse Coffee Lab is the only SCA Premier Training Campus in Hong Kong that has obtained SCA certification. It provides a professional coffee education environment, including teaching facilities and high-standard equipment, to provide students with a credible high-level learning environment to learn and practice coffee skills.

🔎 SCA New System, Diplomas, and Courses Overview

The SCA has introduced a new system that replaces the previous 100-point Coffee Diploma. The new SCA Skills Diplomas are recognized as a representation of professional skills in the coffee industry. There are four diplomas available:

1. SCA Sustainable Coffee Diploma: Focuses on assessing and managing sustainability in the coffee industry.

2. SCA Café Diploma: Develops leadership skills in coffee experience and coffee shop operations.

3. SCA Roastery Diploma: Cultivates leadership skills in techniques, quality control, and sustainable supply chains.

4. SCA Coffee Trade Diploma: Emphasizes sustainability and covers bean selection, quality assessment, and business processes.

To earn these diplomas, students must complete designated SCA courses along with two new advanced courses. Additionally, there are two new courses available:

1. Coffee Sustainability Program: Enhances sustainability knowledge and skills for coffee professionals.

2. Coffee Technicians Program: Provides training in coffee equipment repair and maintenance.

Tasse Coffee Lab, as the ONLY SCA Premier Training Campus in Hong Kong, offers a professional learning environment with top-notch facilities and equipment to support students in acquiring and practicing their coffee skills.
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