Deconstructed coffee bean processing method🌠

Deconstructed coffee bean processing method🌠

When we buy coffee beans on weekdays, we often see different treatments labeled on the packaging, what is the point of these treatments for novices? In the coffee industry, the different treatments of coffee cherries can affect the flavor and quality of the coffee you'll eventually taste in your cup!

🫘solarization Natural Process

This is one of the most traditional and simple methods.
Keep the whole coffee cherry, dry the whole peel and pulp together and then peel off the peel, so that the coffee beans retain the natural sweetness of the pulp and the flavor of the pulp itself, bringing the multi-level rich feeling of natural fruit aroma and sweetness.

🫘Honey Treat Honey Process

This is a popular treatment in recent years.
After the peel is scraped off, part of the pulp will be retained and then dried, so that the coffee beans will retain the sweetness of the pulp and the sticky feeling of pectin for drying process, and then shelled and preserved after a certain moisture content. Each honey treatment will exhibit different flavor characteristics, but all are more refreshing than sun-dried beans.

🫘Washed Process

After washing and fermentation process, water or machine to remove the pulp, pectin layer and then dried, so that the coffee beans emit a bright soft refreshing flavor, but also reduce the natural aroma of coffee beans itself, generally more prominent fruit acid.

🫘anaerobic fermentation
Anaerobic Fermentation

Reference wine brewing technology, for the emerging processing method.
Whole coffee cherries are fermented in a sealed container for a long time and then treated with sun, water or honey. Coffee beans will have a wine flavor, and sometimes even show a sour and fruity flavor.

🫘The Importance of Coffee Processing

The purpose of coffee processing is to extract the coffee beans from the coffee fruit, which includes removing the outer skin and pulp, and fermenting, washing, and drying the coffee beans. The treatment process can remove unnecessary substances on the surface of coffee beans, while affecting the flavor and quality of coffee. Different processing methods can bring different flavor characteristics, which is an important step to ensure the optimization of coffee flavor.

🫘The Great Deconstruction of Alternative Treatment

Coffee processing is changing with each passing day, and now there are different estates changing the processing method by controlling the environment, temperature and other factors to bring consumers a richer experience.

For example, rye treatment in Costa Rica and biya charcoal treatment in Ethiopia are two unique and rare methods. The former treats coffee beans together with rye flour during fermentation and drying, bringing special wheat flavor and rich taste. The latter absorbs the smoked aroma of hard charcoal such as oak in a closed charcoal burning environment, brewing a deep and rich taste similar to smoked meat, while retaining a certain sweetness.

What is your favorite coffee processing method? Share your thoughts!👇✨