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To be a lawyer or an architect, you have to take an examination of the card, so to be a barista, you have to take an examination of the card?

In fact, Hong Kong does not have a set of strict standards for the coffee industry, so there is no so-called professional license for baristas. As long as a company is willing to invite you, you can become a barista. However, does this mean that there is no need to obtain an international certificate? Remember, there is no best barista, only better baristas!

The need for certification
The true value of learning coffee is its passion and continued pursuit. Many well-known baristas and tastors in the industry do not all hold official certificates, but their love and tireless efforts for coffee have made them a certain position in the industry. However, a certificate is a good starting point for newcomers or those who want to further develop in certain areas of expertise (e. g., fried beans).

Promotion of professional status
The Hong Kong coffee industry is highly competitive, and a professional certificate can sometimes make you stand out among many job seekers, not only proving skills and knowledge, but also representing your commitment to the profession and the pursuit of quality. Many employers and industry experts will give more trust and respect to those who have obtained international certificates.

It is not easy to obtain a certificate. It requires in-depth knowledge, rigorous training and persistent efforts. But it also means that when you finally get the certificate, you not only prove your professionalism, but also give the best return for your past efforts. It's a great opportunity to challenge yourself, boost your self-confidence and inspire passion for the future.

Global opportunities
With the globalization of coffee culture, internationally recognized certificates such as SCA Coffee Skills Program and CQI's Q Grader have received increasing attention. Holding these certificates not only means that your skills are recognized globally, but also means that you can more easily communicate with the international coffee community, participate in various international coffee events and competitions, and further expand your vision and network.

Sustainable development
Knowledge of the coffee industry is changing rapidly, and continuous education and training are still necessary. The latest technology, baking theory and tasting methods in the industry are constantly evolving. Even if you have obtained a certificate, you still need to keep up with the times and keep your knowledge and skills in line with the latest standards in the industry. In addition, many certification bodies offer advanced courses and professional training, giving you the opportunity to further improve yourself. This is a professional investment, but also an investment in your passion and dreams.

There are a number of authoritative and widely recognized international certificates in our bank, which can be applied as needed by novices who have no direction, baristas or entrepreneurs with clear goals.

At present, the more common international coffee certificates in Hong Kong are:
1⃣SCA European Fine Coffee Course
[2] 012750⃣TQUK UK Basic Barista Course
3⃣City and Guilds UK International Coffee Maker Course
4⃣Italian Barista Certificate Italian Barista Certificate Program
5⃣Latte Art Grading System Italian Florist Certificate Course

Tasse Coffee is the only coffee education center in Hong Kong that offers all five international certificate courses. If you are interested in knowing, you can WhatsApp/DM us for details.

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