Dual International Certificate Courses|Choose 2 out of 3 - LAGS, CG, TQUK

Dual International Certificate Courses|Choose 2 out of 3 - LAGS, CG, TQUK

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Hong Kong's first 👏🏻👏🏻 One price, choose two international certificate courses

The international certificate is not repetitive, rich in content and takes care of your learning needs in an all-round way. It is suitable for those who wish to immigrate, open a shop or join the coffee industry.
If you enroll in two courses at a time, you can choose one of them first and contact us to arrange another course within half a year. The procedure is simple!

After successful payment, you can pick the date of class at the link below and we will contact you in for further arrangements.

The content of the three courses is different, and they are as follows and linked to their webpages:

1) Latte Art Grading System Coffee Flower Art Certificate Course (White Grade | Pricing:$2990/1 )

  • Tasse Coffee is the only approved examination venue for the Latte Art Grading System in the New Territories
  • L.A.G.S. Beginner - White, suitable for everyone, students who have not learned Latte Art
  • 3.5 hours of class + exam
  • One-to-one or one-to-two, small class teaching

Latte Art Certification is an Italian coffee international certificate course, which is a grading and certification of latte art skills, creativity and artistic presentation. Obtaining the qualification also means that you have relevant latte art skills and certification.

2) CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Maker Course (Pricing:$4380/1 )

  • Tasse Coffee Registers Teaching and Testing Centre for City & Guilds Coffee Course
  • The course is rich and practical, and novices can also enroll
  • content include:
    • Teaching coffee history and culture, distinguishing coffee beans from different origins, and how to choose high-quality coffee
    • Coffee preparation process and various coffee brewing methods, including Espresso espresso, distilled and filtered coffee, milk brewed coffee Cappuccino & Latte and iced coffee
    • Other specialty drinks include: hot chocolate, English black tea, smoothies, etc.

City & Guilds is one of the most recognized international courses in coffee education worldwide, with qualifications recognized across industries and employers as a measure of job skills.

3) TQUK-Initiate "Basic Barista Course" (Pricing:$2400 +$1800, Total $4200/1 )

  • TQUK Basic Barista Course-Tasse's own course, based on other international courses, has obtained TQUK's official certification.
  • Covers hand punching, siphon, espresso, flower, baking five tips
  • Closer to the needs of general Cafe
  • Experience different categories of coffee at one time, very suitable for beginners to register

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