Kenya|AA |Lieli |Niyali |Washed Medium Training

Kenya|AA |Lieli |Niyali |Washed Medium Training

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Kenya AA Lili Niyali Washed Medium

Kenya AA , Nyeri Gatugi, Washed, Medium

The biggest feature of Kenyan coffee is the obvious fruit acid, which brings obvious fruit and berry aroma at the same time.The most common Kenyan coffee has flavors such as ebony juice, roselle tea, etc. If you don’t like these flavors, then you should stay away!

Kenya AA From the very low latitudes close to the equator, Kenya's Kirimara estate (Kirimara) in the high-altitude mountains of 1900 meters, has the deep red volcanic soil most suitable for specialty coffee.Only 5,000 bags of coffee are produced each year, of which only 3,000 bags are AA-grade specialty coffee carefully selected by experts.

Tasse Coffee Tasting Notes

smell: Berries, Honey, Dried Fruit, Syrup
            Mixed Berries,Honey,Dried Fruit,Syrup
Net weight: 100g /200g 

Roasting degree: medium light roast

Treatment method: Washed

Weight: 100g / 200g

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