Colombia|Cerrara Manor |Anaerobic solarization, light roasting

Colombia|Cerrara Manor |Anaerobic solarization, light roasting

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The heart of Colombia n coffee production – Caldas Province, Kerala is the hometown of coffee. It is a precious century-old manor in the coffee planting area listed as the common heritage of coffee, located in the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 1500 meters.

Benefiting from local geographical conditions, climate, soil and biodiversity, and following high standard cupping criteria, planting varieties, planting methods and strict harvesting and processing procedures, we provide refined coffee

Anaerobic fermentation uses the operation mechanism of anaerobic bacteria to produce anaerobic fermentation, so it usually requires a closed closed space, control the temperature and grasp the correct time, enough high-quality coffee beans (with a certain degree of sweetness)

Because in the process of anaerobic fermentation, yeast will perform anaerobic fermentation, convert glucose into alcohol, and alcohol will be converted into ester with other organic acids (such as the aforementioned lactic acid), which is the tone of coffee fruit An important source of flavor.Therefore, anaerobic fermented coffee beans have a higher mellowness and a mellow feeling similar to wine, but the sweetness or fruity tone is better than honey processing.

Origin:  Colombia

Variety : Kadura (Capture) 

Flavors: Passion Fruit, Banana, Lemon, Dried Berries, Peach, Cocoa

Roast grade: light roast

Treatment method: anaerobic sun exposure 

Weight: 100g / 200g

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