SCA Sensory Skills (Foundation / Intermediate / Professional)

SCA Sensory Skills (Foundation / Intermediate / Professional)

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Our college is the only SCA Premier Training Campus in Hong Kong, which means that the teaching environment and equipment have been approved by the standards. The European Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has launched the new SCA Skills Diploma to further recognize professional work skills in the coffee industry and provide in-depth knowledge and practical experience so that students can quickly adapt to the employment environment. The four new diplomas include SCA Café Diploma, SCA Roastery Diploma, SCA Sustainable Coffee Diploma, and SCA Coffee Trade Diploma, which require taking specified courses in seven major subjects.

Starting from April 2024, SCA has upgraded to the new Sensory Skills v3.0, a new sensory skills course v3.0. After a comprehensive update, the course will include the coffee value assessment protocol and corresponding tools, focusing on the key concepts of sensory science. , and combines cupping, CVA agreement, SCA description and emotional cupping table to provide students with a more comprehensive and in-depth learning experience.

🌈 Course Features

  • Use the new SCA standard CVA (Coffee Value Assessment) form for cupping scoring
  • Private classes or online courses are available
  • Must be taken step by step unless proof of completion of Foundation and/or Intermediate is presented
  • Classes are taught in Cantonese. If you need classes in other languages, please contact us.

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    • The price includes all classroom learning materials, SCA administrative fees, examination and certificate fees. Students need to pay additional SCA course registration fees. USD$50 per course

    🌈 Teacher-student ratio

    • Group Lesson 1:4 (Foundation only)
      • 7 hours/class of two
    • Online course 1:1 (Foundation only)
      • 7 hours
    • Private lessons 1:1 or 1:2
      • Foundation 7 hours
      • Intermediate 14 hours
      • Professional 21 hours

    🌈 Course content

    / Foundation /
    The Sensory Foundation course explores the essential sensory elements when evaluating coffee in a practical and interactive way. The course delves into the way we perceive taste and teaches participants how to use this knowledge to evaluate the characteristics of coffee. Students will have the opportunity to identify various sensory attributes through practical experience and learn to use SCA's descriptive and affective cupping evaluation methods. This will provide participants with a rich learning experience, allowing them to conduct coffee assessments with greater confidence.

    • Sensory Assessment Overview
    • Physiological and sensory properties
    • Identifying sensory characteristics in coffee
    • Cupping Standards and Specifications

    / Intermediate /
    Sensory Intermediate is based on the concepts and skills introduced by Foundation, and is very suitable for students who already have cupping experience and want to further develop their sensory skills and expand their knowledge of sensory science. The course covers a wide range of topics to provide students with a more in-depth learning experience and a deeper understanding and application of sensory skills.

    • Sensory Assessment Overview
    • Physiological and sensory properties
    • Difference testing and triangular cupping
    • Cupping related tasks
    • Cupping standards and related forms
    • Create a sensory curriculum
    • Establish a sensory assessment team
    • In/Out Test
    • analysis test

    / Professional /
    The content of Sensory Professional builds on the concepts and skills introduced in Intermediate and is designed to help students manage their functions more effectively when engaged in sensory evaluation of coffee and related products. This interactive course provides a platform for participants to further enhance their understanding of coffee industry standards and sensory science best practices, and delve into the context of sensory assessment in the coffee industry, identify and evaluate the quality of specialty coffee beans, and how to accurately Measure and describe the characteristics of coffee beverages. Participants will learn how to generate repeatable and systematic coffee sensory measurements and interpret the results.

    • Sensory Assessment Overview
    • Physiology and sensory properties
    • deviations and errors
    • The Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel and WCR Dictionary
    • Taste attributes in coffee
    • The taste of coffee
    • Evaluate attributes in coffee
    • Sensory Descriptive Analysis
    • Cupping and SCA Standards
    • Sensory Assessment Panel and Calibration Application
    • App expiration date, consumer testing, new product development

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