Introduction of Latte Art ( Beginners)

Introduction of Latte Art ( Beginners)

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One of the most loved and hated aspects of coffee skills is undoubtedly latte art. The beautiful patterns complement the rich aroma of coffee, but even the simplest beginner's heart shape requires dedicated practice to master. However, with the guidance of a professional instructor, the learning process becomes much more efficient. Latte art requires a harmonious integration of hands, eyes, and mind, as success in creating perfect patterns comes from dedication and focus.


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  🌈 Course Features

  • 1.5-hour course with small class sizes, with minimum two students per class.
  • Each student is guaranteed the use of your own set of latte art tools and ample practice time.
  • Multiple domestic  and commercial espresso machines are available for students to use.
  • Tasse Coffee is an authorized examination venue for the Italian Latte Art Grading System. All instructors hold certificates from the Latte Art Grading System, ensuring our teaching qualifications.
  • Our instructor team has years of experience and can provide guidance and improvement suggestions tailored to each student's practice, addressing any issues they may encounter.

🌈 What to Expect

  • Get to know of the theory and latte art tools: how to choose suitable milk jug, coffee beans and milk
  • Use the coffee machine to operate the steam milk - Tips for mastering temperature and sound
  • Learn the skills of latte art, train hand-eye coordination and placement with milk
  • Practice patterns such as heart, tulip, etc. Mentors will share key to success with own experience
  • At the end of the class, let’s try the coffee latte art made by yourself

* For private bookings, group events, or any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp/Signal at 7073 3512.


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