Pour Over Coffee Introductory Class - Small class teaching

Pour Over Coffee Introductory Class - Small class teaching

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Hand-brewed coffee is the fastest brewing method, but it seems easy and difficult, because as simple as water temperature and even grinding degree will affect the flavor of coffee, and it is very important to pay attention to technology and experience. If you are interested in exploring in this area, welcome to share the mellow world of coffee.

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    Curriculum features

    • 1.5-hour course, small class teaching, two-person class
    • Ensure that each student has access to a set of hand punching tools and sufficient practice time
    • Use of Japanese coffee beans in the classroom

    🌈Course content

    • Understanding Coffee and Coffee Bean Varieties
    • Solution of Coffee Bean Treatment Method
    • Know the types of coffee brewing tools
    • Learn hand brewing coffee techniques and practice

    🌈 Twelve Month Course Date

    Hand rush entry 7/12 (IV) 19:00-20:30
    Hand rush entry 14/12 (IV) 19:00-20:30
    Hand Rush Entry 21/12 (IV) 19:00-20:30
    Hand rush entry 28/12 (IV) 19:00-20:30

    Hand rush entry 2/12 (VI) 11:30-13:00
    Introduction to Hand Rush 9/12 (VI) 11:30-13:00
    Hand rush entry 16/12 (VI) 11:30-13:00
    Hand rush entry 23/12 (VI) 11:30-13:00
    Hand rush entry 30/12 (VI) 11:30-13:00

    November Course Dates

    Hand rush entry 2/11 (IV) 19:00-20:30
    Introduction to Hand Rush 9/11 (IV) 19:00-20:30
    Hand rush entry 16/11 (IV) 19:00-20:30
    Hand rush entry 23/11 (IV) 19:00-20:30
    Hand rush entry 30/11 (IV) 19:00-20:30

    Hand rush entry 4/11 (VI) 11:30-13:00
    Hand rush entry 11/11 (VI) 11:30-13:00
    Hand rush entry 18/11 (VI) 11:30-13:00
    Hand rush entry 25/11 (VI) 11:30-13:00

    * All materials and tools are provided by Tasse, and you are also welcome to bring your own hand-made coffee utensils that you want to share the exchange.

    * For other enquiries, please feel free to contact us at: WhatsApp / Signal 7073 3512

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