Cathay Pacific Catering Service Coffee Pull Flower Experience

High-quality aviation service quality will definitely enhance the travel experience when traveling, creating a beautiful beginning and a perfect end to the journey. Earlier, Cathay Pacific Catering Services invited us to hold two coffee latte art workshops to let employees relax and let us see the thoughtfulness and quality of the meals prepared by the department for passengers on weekdays.

The in-flight service department also specially invited us to hold another coffee latte art workshop at Cathay Pacific City. The purpose is to enable the flight attendant team to master the latte art skills, and then be able to learn and apply them on board, and serve passengers a cup in the airflow. A cup of coffee with beautiful patterns on it💕This kindness is very valuable. I hope that after the team has learned something, we can witness the learning results on the plane in the future😆

High-quality airline service can greatly enhance the travel experience, creating a wonderful beginning and a perfect ending to the journey. Cathay Pacific Airways recently invited us to conduct two latte art workshops for their Catering Services Department, allowing their staff to relax and showcasing the thoughtfulness and quality they put into preparing meals for passengers.

Furthermore, the Inflight Service Department specifically invited us to hold another latte art workshop at Cathay City. The purpose was to equip their cabin crew with latte art skills so they can apply them onboard and serve passengers with beautifully patterned cups of coffee in the air. This gesture is truly precious, and we hope that the team will make good use of what they have learned and that we can witness their achievements on future flights. ✌🏻

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