Christmas Boxing Day🎁Giveaway Pie Canadian Coffee Beans

【🎄Christmas Boxing Day🎁Giveaway Pie Canadian Coffee Beans🎅🏻]]

Tasse will send beans (like a system) every Christmas, so this year it will follow the formation.🫡The founder's Candice family flew to Canada for Christmas this year. We are in Hong Kong to watch them day and night (with buried new beans) return.✈Today boxing day finally received good news.🥹

We will send.🇨🇦Air to Port@hatchcraftedCoffee beans, do the following steps to make yourself fly back and forth 32 minutes can have✌🏻

📖The Canadian boutique coffee bean brand Hatch is a local niche brand, and its good reputation has gradually become the darling of local coffee friends. Chief Roaster Boris Lee The Hong Kong people, others in 2013, Shiki Tae-tami, joined the following year by Hatch. He began to taste coffee at the age of 14, until his other half sent him professional coffee brewing equipment to stimulate his passion for coffee. Because of his very high requirements for coffee bean production, Hatch coffee beans have been widely praised by applying the knowledge learned in coffee courses and work experience over the years.

Method of participation:
1 ️⃣Like post, following@ Cup. coffee@ Mug. coffee.roastery
2.⃣Message tag three friends, simply share your impression of Canadian coffee
3.⃣Share a post to story, ac can cap map for us)
✅Do all the above steps to enter the lottery.

⚠There is no limit to the number of messages. tag shops or duplicate people and fake ac will not be counted.😐
📆The date of the activity will be from now until 23:59 on January 8, 2024.
🎉We will choose 4.⃣The winners will be notified by DM, and the prizes will be sent in the form of SF payment.

⚠Winners must reply within 24 hours after the results are announced, otherwise they will be regarded as waivers and we will elect another winner.
⚠️Tasse Coffee reserves the right of final decision

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