The new curriculum coffee bean baking experience class starts in June. Thank you for your support.

We found that not only new friends joined, but also old students who had attended other courses participated! After everyone understood the basic baking knowledge and concepts, they began to learn to operate industrial baking machines with actual combat and practice the application of baking curves. The instructors specially added sensory experience links to help students understand the flavor diversity. The three-hour course is very substantial, even because everyone is very studious, the overtime is half a minute after the most 🤣

I don't want to sit in the classroom and listen to books, but I want to visit the professional venue in Hung Hom to actually understand the baking process of coffee beans. I want you to fry beans with your own hands, which is 250g g g.

Fine coffee beans are brought back to the house to taste and continue your exclusive aroma! Kan KanOffer in progress
* $750 per person, including 250g of optional fine beans
* Two-person peer discount: $100, I .e. only $700 per person

Course Date
Baking Experience Class 22/7 (VI) 14:00-17:00 Baking Experience Class 30/7 (Day) 14:00-17:00

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