Halloween Parent-child Coffee Experience

✨Halloween in Tasse Coffee✨
Young Age, Big Creativity-Parent-Child Coffee Experience
Tasse Coffee incarnates as a wonderful kingdom for little baristas this Halloween! Under the careful guidance of our professional barista, children and mothers shuttle together in the joy of Halloween and the aroma of coffee. ☕️

Under the careful guidance of our professional baristas and the careful company of children and mothers aged 2 to 4, the children dressed in Halloween costumes, challenged themselves to operate the coffee machine for the first time, and challenged themselves to make a cup of loving coffee for their favorite superhero, mothers, for the first time.

Each child was in front of the coffee machine with a full face of concentration and expectation. They not only learned how to pull out a delicious cup of coffee, but also learned courage and self-confidence. For those small baristas who can't taste the coffee, we have prepared warm hot chocolate and sweet fresh milk so that they can also join in this celebration of taste. 🍫🥛

The Halloween classic "Trick or treat" also has a new interpretation here. The children put on the Halloween costume and exchanged the candy in their small hands while laughing, enjoying the wonderful time of sharing. 🍬🍭

Now, Tasse Coffee welcomes more families, groups, and even private individuals to join us in this creative and fun parent-child event. Whether family, friends, or community groups, we look forward to working with you to create indelible Halloween memories.

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