CQI Q Grader passed and obtained the certificate

CQI Q Grader is hailed as the most challenging international certificate course in the coffee industry and the fastest improvement in personal sensory skills. In the past April, tasse held the first CQI Q Arabica Grader course, and all 9 students passed and obtained certificates.🤩🎊We are very proud of the 100% pass rate. The students include several of our instructors, coffee shop owners, baristas, etc. It doesn't matter whether they are experienced or not. We understand that experience is not necessarily a help. Through continuous practice for six consecutive days, we have drunk a lot of good and bad high-quality commercial coffee, which has greatly improved our sensory ability. This is undoubtedly the knowledge we absolutely need for the development of coffee in the future.

Thanks to Paul's selfless teaching and the unremitting efforts of many students, we graduated and all tasse instructors became Q Grader.🎓🥹🎉🎉🎉

CQI Q Grader is renowned as the most challenging and rapidly advancing international certification course for sensory skills in the coffee industry. We hosted our first CQI Q Arabica Grader course in April, and all nine participants successfully passed and received their certificates! 🤩🎊 We are extremely proud of achieving a 100% pass rate. Our participants included several instructors, coffee shop owners, and baristas, regardless of their level of experience. We have come to realize that experience is not always the determining factor for success. Through six consecutive days of continuous practice, we tasted various good and bad coffee, specialty and commercial beans, significantly enhancing our sensory abilities. Undoubtedly, this knowledge is absolutely essential for our future endeavors in the coffee industry.

We express our gratitude to Paul for his selfless teaching and to all the diligent participants. We have graduated, and all the instructors at Tasse have become Q Graders! 🎓🥹🎉🎉🎉

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