【Hong Kong-style milk tea experience class】

In addition to being a local coffee education center, Tasse Coffee has a long history of research on Hong Kong's food culture. Since it opened the [Hong Kong-style milk tea experience class], it has received inquiries and invitations from students and corporate groups. In addition to team building activities with coffee.

The fans of Hong Kong-style milk tea are believed to be as strong as coffee. Recently, a company chose our milk tea class and invited us to organize a workshop to experience the local traditional culture.

By understanding the different types of tea leaves, as well as the techniques of scooping and smashing tea, everyone will learn how to use authentic methods and the golden ratio to make authentic Hong Kong-style milk tea and taste it together. The instructor will also teach you tips for not failing!

During the process, employees can achieve goals such as breaking the ice and strengthening communication through different challenges, and establish a better teamwork relationship.

Want to experience Hong Kong's important tea culture and enhance team cohesion in one go?WhatsApp 7072 2865 now, let's enjoy making delicious Hong Kong style milk tea together!

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