Taste coffee with you in the workshop of the mind!nside Cards open up a new me

We have been preparing for so many days! The nside card activity is finally completed. A group of students have experienced the games in the activity, they can get to know themselves and explore themselves more deeply, and it is easier for others to get to know them better. The whole activity is full of laughter. The environment is complete.  
Thank you all the participants for coming to this event. After the event, there will be a hand-brewed coffee experience that everyone has been looking forward to for a long time. It is really a rewarding experience. I hope that in the near future, everyone can gather again, have a good coffee, and share yourself. Coffee friends It's rare, everyone even toasts each other with coffee instead of wine 😂🍻
"Tasse is a space to explore more possibilities in the future"
"Tasse is a platform through which coffee is used as a medium to get to know each other, feel life, and contribute to society"
#coffee mind workshop
#coffee friends romance