Partnering with visually impaired baristas to teach lattica

As a social enterprise, disability inclusion is one of our important concepts to give back to the society.We want to seize every opportunity to convey this message to the public.

Yesterday, I was very pleased to be invited by the Hong Kong Association for the Blind to teach Lahua with Zi Lang, a visually impaired barista who has been working with Hucafe for a long time!A group of toy company employees full of childlike hearts, plus a dreamy pink and dark environment, everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

After sharing the fun and challenges of becoming a barista, Zilang taught everyone to make coffee latte with us.At the end of the event, visually impaired masseurs were dispatched to mark the perfect end to the day.

Coffee is a pleasant and relaxing drink, and is undoubtedly an ideal medium for promoting the integration of the disabled and the healthy.Through a cup of coffee, people of different identities and backgrounds can sit together, share each other's stories and feelings, and build mutual trust and understanding.The differences between each other become insignificant, but the connection and emotion are more intense.We hope to continue to cultivate in the society and let more people feel this precious feeling.