Tasse Coffee - A must-read for pour-over coffee | The key to affecting pour-over coffee - water temperature

Can it be flushed with boiling water? Which °C water temperature is suitable first? Does water temperature solution affect pour-over coffee?

During the extraction process, the aroma and substances of coffee beans will combine with water to form coffee, so the water temperature also determines the concentration of coffee

The recommended water temperature for hand-brewed coffee is about 88°C to 92°C. Of course, it can be adjusted according to different situations and personal preferences, and it is not strictly stipulated.

Generally speaking, shallower roasted coffee beans require higher water temperature. The extracted coffee will not only enhance the aroma, but also reduce the grassy and sour taste of the shallowly roasted beans and improve the sweetness. eg Kenyan coffee beans

If it is paired with dark roasted coffee beans, it should be brewed with shallower water temperature and lower roasted beans, which can reduce the bitter taste in the extracted coffee and highlight the mellow taste in it, eg Brazilian or Colombian coffee beans