Coffee roasting

Many classmates asked us in class why roasters can make coffee beans roast to sweet, sour and bitter flavors, so as to write a flavor description of each different coffee bean?

Baking Art

In the process of coffee roasting, it has different effects on the sweet, sour and bitter taste of coffee


Producing areas: Coffee beans from Ethiopia usually have a distinctly fruity and floral flavor, while Brazilian beans have a nutty and chocolate sweetness.

Baking degree: longer drying and development stage, more internal water is evaporated, enhancing caramelization reaction, thereby increasing sweetness

Freshness: Freshly baked beans usually have a more prominent sweetness, and ensure that the beans are stored in sealed and light-free packaging


Producing areas: Coffee beans from Kenya and Colombia usually have high acidity and a bright, fruity aroma.

Altitude: Beans at high altitudes generally have higher acidity.

Treatment: Sun-dried beans are generally more acidic than water-washed beans because the beans absorb the sour taste of the pulp during the sun-drying process.

Baking Degree: Light baking-retains and emphasizes the natural sourness of the beans; medium baking-retains some sourness while bringing out some caramelized flavor.


Soil and climate: In some parts of Brazil and Vietnam, coffee beans are naturally more bitter.

Harvest method: Green coffee beans that are not fully ripe can have a bitter taste, and how to select and harvest coffee fruits with the right maturity is essential to control the bitter taste of coffee.

Dark Roast: When coffee beans are roasted to a deep roast, the sugar inside them further breaks down and chars, resulting in a more intense bitter and smoky flavor. In addition, the protein in coffee beans will also change, increasing the bitter taste.

In summary

The roasting process deeply affects the flavor of coffee, and the degree, timing and method of roasting all directly affect the sour, sweet and bitter taste of coffee.

In addition to the above factors, the true flavor depends on the place of origin: soil, climate and treatment methods are all key.

For coffee lovers, the constant learning and adjustment of baking and brewing techniques is in pursuit of that perfect taste. In the end, finding the cup of coffee in your heart is the most important thing.

If you all want to know what coffee baking is, you can go to our website for details. The latest courses on coffee baking and cup testing are as follows:

1) Coffee Cup Test and Baking Experience Class

Through cup testing (cupping), we can evaluate the flavor performance of coffee beans at different roasting levels and understand the impact of roasting on coffee flavor. At the same time, the quality of coffee beans and roasting methods will also affect its flavor results.

2) Coffee Bean Baking Experience Class

Visit a professional workshop to get a practical understanding of the roasting process of coffee beans, so that you can stir-fry the beans yourself and take them home to brew slowly to continue your exclusive aroma. In addition to understanding basic baking knowledge and concepts, understanding the operation of industrial baking machines, the course can also actually operate the machines and practice the application of baking curves, adding sensory experience links to understand the diversity of flavors and bring home optional high-quality beans

3) TQUK Certification-Basic Barista Course
Taking other international courses as a model, it has obtained the TQUK certification in the UK, covering five skills of hand punching, siphoning, Italian coffee, flower pulling and baking, which is closer to the needs of the general Cafe. It is worth studying for immigrants, entrepreneurs or simply learning coffee.

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