The importance of roasting for coffee beans

Roasting is a very important part of coffee bean processing and has a decisive influence on flavor and mouthfeel! During this process, green beans are heated and continuously stirred to gradually discharge their water and carbon dioxide and convert them into chemical components such as sugar and acidity. Different roasts exhibit unique flavor characteristics, such as light-roasted coffee retaining more of the original coffee taste, such as the famous Panamanian geisha, Kenyan AA with rich bouncy and fruit acids, and Colombian Supreme with nutty and chocolate aromas.

For those who love coffee, the knowledge of roasting is especially important. Classes in the actual workshop and hands-on fried beans are an excellent learning opportunity. Through practical experience, learn how to understand the relationship between roast degree and flavor, and better understand the flavor and quality of coffee as the coffee beans evolve. In addition, getting to know the different coffee bean varieties and origins, you will learn about their characteristics and performance in the roasting process.

In mid-to-late June, we will have a new coffee bean roasting experience class ✨, even students who have studied roasting before are welcome to attend, because the classroom will be in the well-equipped Hung Hom workshop, where professional roasters will teach you the skills of hand-fried beans, improve the judgment of quality and taste. After going to class, you can take 250g of your fried beans home to taste ☕️

🌈 Course dates/optional day
17/6 (Sat) 14:00-17:00
25/6 (Sun) 14:00-17:00

Contact us today at DM or whatsApp/ Signal 7073 3512 to register 🌞

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