Understanding Cup Test Cupping

✨Whether you're an expert in the field of coffee or a pure coffee enthusiast, exploring and learning about the world of cup testing (Cupping) always brings new discoveries and fun.

For the industry, cup testing is an important tool to ensure and improve the quality of coffee, which plays a role in promoting the sustainable development of coffee.

And for everyone, we can learn through cupping how to taste every drop of coffee more deeply, and more fully experience the unique flavors and stories brought by different coffee beans and roasting techniques.

On this journey of discovery, let's make every cup of coffee an unforgettable experience. ✨

In order to celebrate the third anniversary of Tasse, we sincerely invite everyone to participate in the brand-new [cup test and hand-brewed coffee experience]. At that time, we will share coffee beans produced by SCAJ champion @ Fukusukecoffee and coffee beans roasted by our new store in Japan @ Tasse.coffee.roastery .

In addition to the previous beans, there are also Panama Geisha coffee beans. Take this opportunity to learn to taste different styles of coffee! I look forward to enjoying every coffee moment with you.☕

Date: October 12 (Thursday)
Time: 19:00-21:00
Cost: $150 per person
Activity Content: Cup Test Taste and Contrast Different Flavor Levels of Hand-brewed Coffee
Location: Room E, 6th Floor, TLP132, 132-134 Dalian Pai Road, Kwai Chung
(Commercial Building near KCC in Kwai Hing, 5 minutes walk from Kwai Hing Station)

You can enjoy a 10% discount for buying coffee beans on the spot, and even enjoy Tasse Coffee Roastery Tokyo's Loyalty Card for free coffee. See you in Tokyo

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