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City and Guilds國際咖啡調配師課程,平日個別報名的學員較多,但其實機構院校甚至公司企業均可報考!

之前Tunbow Group Limited邀請Tasse教授公司上下(無論sales and marketing以至reception同事都有😆)員工CG課程,甚至有外籍員工一起上課及考試!課程安排在平日晚上,大家收工後馬上趕來上課,非常勤力。Tunbow業務包括咖啡機推銷,所以老闆希望員工可以吸收更多相關知識,提供更好的服務予客人。最後全員100%合格,恭喜恭喜🎊


City and Guilds Award in Barista Skills course is welcomed by individual students But actually, institutions, colleges, and even companies can also enroll!

Previously, Tunbow Group Limited invited Tasse to conduct the CG course for their employees, including sales and marketing, as well as reception colleagues 😆. Even foreign employees attended classes and took exams together! The course was scheduled in the evenings on weekdays, and everyone would rush to attend after work, showing great dedication. As Tunbow’s business involves coffee machine sales, the boss wanted the employees to acquire more relevant knowledge and provide better service to customers. Congratulations on achieving a 100% pass rate among all participants! Well done and congratulations to everyone!

Tunbow greatly appreciates Tasse‘s professional teaching experience. Additionally, because we can provide both the 7102-62 Chinese certificate and the 7102-52 English certificate, allowing foreign colleagues to participate, the decision to choose our course was made without hesitation 😽. Thank you all for your trust, and we will continue to work hard to spread coffee culture to all levels of society through education!

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