Tasse基本課程 香港基督教服務處樂暉長者地區中心



Introduction to Hong Kong Christian Service Bliss District Elderly Community Centre

The social worker and participants at BDECC are very enthusiastic. We appreciate their repeated visits. Tasse‘s three basic activities, including hand drip coffee, latte art, and Hong Kong-style milk tea, have all been enjoyed. Next time, we can upgrade to 3D latte art and coffee bean roasting, right?😉

BDECC was formerly located in Wan Hon Estate as ”Wan Hon District Elderly Community Centre“ and relocated to Choi Fook Estate in 2013, where it was renamed ”Bliss“ (an acronym meaning “Brighten Life with Integrated and Self-initiated Service), a metaphor of the glamourous glows from senior citizens who live a rich and abundant life. BDECC is dedicated to providing one-stop, comprehensive and professional community support services for senior citizens by upholding the community-based direction and adopting an integrated approach. They aim at promoting a self-initiated, self-learned and self-managed healthy life-style among seniors, facilitating them to actively participate in social affairs and continuous learning, so as to actualize active ageing.

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