CQI Q Grader校準、補考和預備課資訊

Tasse在4月時的CQI Q Arabica Grader課程取得全員合格成績!在即將到來的11月課程之前,我們想分享有關校準制度和補考安排的資訊,以便大家在報名之前能有更多了解。

CQI Q Grader是用於評估阿拉比卡咖啡品質的評分系統。它確保評分師在評估相同咖啡樣品時具有一致性和準確性。新手也有機會成功通過考試,甚至可能比咖啡師更有優勢。

然而,如果你缺乏信心,我們有提供預備班,讓你在正式的六天課程前有更多的時間去適應高強度的訓練。這是一個一課雙證的課程,同時可獲得SCA Sensory Foundation證書。Q Grader證書有效期為36個月,需要每三年參加校準考試更新證書。如不合格,可在18個月內補考。完成第一次校準的第二年後,可以申請成為Q助教或導師。

CQI Q Grader Calibration, Retake, and Preparatory Course Information

Tasse achieved a 100% pass rate for the CQI Q Arabica Grader course in April! As we approach the upcoming November course, we would like to share information about the calibration system and retake arrangements, so that everyone can have a better understanding before registering.

The CQI Q Grader is a grading system used to evaluate the quality of Arabica coffee. It ensures consistency and accuracy among graders when evaluating the same coffee samples. Even beginners have the opportunity to pass the exam, and they may even have an advantage over experienced baristas.

However, if you lack confidence, we offer a preparatory course that gives you more time to adapt to the intensive training before the official six-day course. This is a dual-certification course where you can also obtain the SCA Sensory Foundation certificate. The Q Grader certificate is valid for 36 months and requires participation in a calibration exam every three years to renew the certification. If you do not pass the exam, you have the option to retake it within 18 months. After completing the first calibration, you can apply to become a Q Assistant or Instructor in the second year.

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