La Marzocco - Linea Micra WiFi Espresso Machine 意式咖啡機 專業家用咖啡機 (香港行貨,一年保養)
La Marzocco - Linea Micra WiFi Espresso Machine 意式咖啡機 專業家用咖啡機 (香港行貨,一年保養)

La Marzocco - Linea Micra WiFi Espresso Machine 意式咖啡機 專業家用咖啡機 (香港行貨,一年保養)


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La Marzocco - Linea Micra with WiFi Espresso Machine

A compact, easy-to-use home espresso machine with the powerful performance worthy of the La Marzocco name. Designed as a scaled-down version of the Linea Classic S, the Linea Micra combines a dynamic feature set and small body that allows you to explore the world of espresso. Easy setup, quick heat-up time, and all the essential tools, the Linea Micra makes dialing in your morning routine simple. Clean lines and timeless aesthetic inspired by a long line of espresso icons. Micra includes six colors to choose from, elevating any home kitchen to café-status. Thanks to its new electronic board, the Linea Micra can now be connected to the internet and controlled through the new La Marzocco Home App, available on AppStore and GooglePlay.

brew paddle: The brew paddle comes with programmed pre-infusion creating more consistency from shot to shot

water reservoir: A built in water reservoir, holds 2 litres of water and allows for a good deal of espresso experimentation before needing to refill. No need to drill holes in your kitchen counter

dual boiler: The dual boiler system comes with new group technology that allows the machine to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of our commercial machines but in a much smaller footprint

barista lights: Barista lights turn on when brewing is engaged, lighting up the drip tray and allowing you to see the beautiful colours of your espresso as it’s brewing

included accessories: Convertible portafilter, double spout insert, single spout insert. 3 filter baskets: 14g, 17g, blind filter, Purocaf cleaner, 350ml Milk Jug, and La Marzocco Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) : 290 x 340 x 390

Weight (kg) : 19

Power supply (Volt/Watt) : 220-240v

Warranty terms*

1-year warranty for defective spare parts.

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