SCA Coffee Certification Course (Private Class) - Brewing Skills (Foundation / Intermediate / Professional)

SCA Coffee Certification Course (Private Class) - Brewing Skills (Foundation / Intermediate / Professional)

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The newly integrated SCA CSP (Coffee Skills Program) course consists of Introduction to Coffee (coffee foundation), barista training courses Barista Skills (barista), green Coffee (raw beans), Roasting (baking), Sensory (flavor evaluation) and Brewing (extraction). Each specialist course consists of three stages (Basic, Intermediate, Professional) and points are awarded upon completion of each stage. Completing the required courses and earning 100 points will qualify you for the SCA Diploma in Coffee Skills (SCA Degree). Awarded by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the diploma is internationally recognized.

SCA Brewing initial, middle, and advanced courses to understand every variable in brewing with different brewing equipment, including learning about the effects of grinding, roasting, and water temperature on coffee brewing. And learn the relationship between coffee concentration and extraction and understand the impact of different coffee powder to water ratios on coffee.

Course Features 🌈

  • Private classes or online courses
  • Must be read level by level unless relevant Foundation of completion and/or proof of Intermediate are presented
  • Taught in Cantonese, contact us if you need to teach in other languages

    Offer in progress 🌈

    • Discount for two: $360 off, which is only $2,600 per person
    • Foundation+Intermediate Private Class Offer:An immediate reduction of $500, I .e. only $12,000 per person
    • Foundation + Intermediate + Professional Private Class Offer: $1,000 reduction, I .e. $26,300 per person
    • When added to the cart, the offer will be applied automatically
    • The price includes all classroom learning materials, exams and certificates

    🌈 Student-teacher ratio

    • Regular course 1:4 (Foundation only)
      • HK$2,780 / 7 hours / 2 persons
    • Online Courses 1:1 (Foundation only)
      • HK$2,780 / 7 hours
    • Private lessons 1:1 or 1:2
      • Foundation / HK$3,700 / 7 hours
      • Intermediate / HK $8,800 / 14 small
      • Professional / HK $13,800 / 21 Small Time

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