Private class / group class|Various coffee classes

Private class / group class|Various coffee classes

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🌟 Service Pledge: As long as you are interested in brewing coffee, want to know more, you can visit our coffee education center, drink coffee together, share skills together!

Class 🌟 time: 2 hours course, time customized, very flexible

🌟 Course content: according to your level and requirements to design the course, in-depth teaching

🌟 Price: $750 per person, $680 per person for two persons

🌟 Number of attendees :1 - 4 people can freely form a class (1 person into a class)

Group 🌟 registration: such as more than 4 people group charter class,Feel free to contact us (WhatsApp.) 7073 3512 / Signal 7072 2865 or email to

Hand-brewed coffee class [Key training]
1. Coffee and coffee bean varieties
2. Coffee bean processing
3. Types of coffee brewing tools
4. Pour-over coffee brewing technique

Siphon Coffee Class [Key Training]
1. Coffee coffee bean varieties
2. Coffee bean processing
3. siphon coffee brewing tools
4. siphon coffee brewing technique

Latte Art Class【 Key Training】
1. Know the tools and theories of latte art: the choice of milk pot, coffee and milk, and share the experience of successful latte art with experience
2. Learning the basic skills of latte art: using milk to train hand-eye coordination and landing position
3. Learn how to operate a coffee machine: Learn steam , Milk training
4. Learn to pull out basic solid shapes, tulips, or draw other creative patterns
5. Suitable for students of any level

Espresso classKey Training】
1. Understand the use of commercial coffee machines and household coffee machines
2. Learn how to make espresso
3. Learning Steam Breastfeeding Training
4. Practice how to extract the golden ratio of espresso

* A variety of specialty coffee beans from different regions will be provided in the class

* course All equipment is provided by the center, and you are also welcome to bring your own coffee equipment for sharing and exchange

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