Co-Founded in 2020

Coffee Lovers – Do you like Coffee very much, I too… Tasse Coffee is co-founded in 2020 by Candice, Raymond and Shawn. They are lived in Hong Kong, Domingo and Tokyo respectively.

Candice is a morning coffee person and always grew up with coffee, when kid in Hong Kong were drinking other healthy drinks but she choose Coffee. Her Dad likes Coffee, so her mom always prepares coffee in the morning and She started her Coffee journey for over 25 years when she was around 5 or earlier.

Raymond has his IT consulting firm in Domingo since 2015. Before going to Domingo, he has no idea about coffee. Domingo is place where culture and tradition captured in a delicious cup of coffee, he started to love coffee then try his first coffee business in 2018.

Shawn is living in Tokyo, he is learning to be Barista and coffee knowledge in japan to prepare drinks, present them to customers properly.

We are based in Hong Kong, Domingo and Japan.

Tasse Coffee headquarter is located at Kwai Chung in Hong Kong. We are going to deliver the highest quality achievable in all aspects of our business, whether that be sourcing the most beautiful and wondrous coffees attainable or employing the most mindful and quality-focused practices possible in Hong Kong Market.

We have resources in Domingo and Japan for coffee bean sourcing and the delivery issues.

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