Co-Founded in 2020

Tasse Coffee
Coffee Lovers(The Co-Founders)

Candice - “Coffee is not only a drink, it’s a SPECIALITY.”
I had extensive experience in catering industry while in college, working as part-time in various hotels and restaurants. After graduation, I worked in the wine industry and learnt about red / white wine brewing procedures and appraisal. Later, I worked in the largest club in Hong Kong to learn management, operation and service provision, gaining abundant amount of related knowledge.
By chance, I went to Australia for working holidays and worked in coffee shops located at Gold Coast and Melbourne respectively. I was fascinated by the rich culture of coffee there. Since then, my world is full with coffee!

During that time, I realized that coffee is not just a drink, but also contains a wealth of knowledge and culture. I kept learning about the types of coffee, brewing methods, tastes, etc., and even enrolled in local coffee courses, wanting to enrich my professional knowledge. After returning to Hong Kong, I continued to study coffee-related knowledge and the brewing skills, obtaining the SCA barista qualification.

I have always hoped that there will be somewhere sharing my coffee stories, experience and professional knowledge with friends and people who are interested in coffee. The idea of ​​starting Tasse Coffee has slowly emerged. Meanwhile, I wish I could have contribution to coffee industry with Tasse.

Raymond - “Our friendship is based on coffee.”
"Coffee is just a drink." When a friend asked me what is my thought on the coffee in front of me, I would answer like this until I met Candice and Shawn at work.

During lunch, company gatherings, after work. . . the topic of conversation with Candice is always inseparable from coffee. Although I don't know anything about coffee,  when I was looking at her, chattering about coffee while Shawn was listening attentively aside, I couldn’t help staying quiet.

I started to understand the beauty of coffee.  I am shocked that as a specialist in information technology, I could use some professional terms in coffee, which is really unbelievable to my friends and even myself.

Afterward, I have been in Dominican Republic for a long time because I have to manage a personal IT consulting company. When I came into the local culture and tasted the famous  Caribbean-flavoured coffee, it reminded me of the past and I fell in love with coffee.
“The coffee here is so Special & Elegant!”

At 2020, I decided to begin my coffee journey with Candice and Shawn by founding Tasse Coffee.

Shawn - “Coffee is giving me a challenge.”
When working with Candice and Raymond in the past, I often listened to Candice sharing her coffee stories, which I was infatuated with coffee and began to study the knowledge behind seriously. Coffee has always been with me, whether I am in good or bad mood. I found it to be a Perfect Listener.

In 2020, my wife and I decided to give up anything and leave Hong Kong, going to Japan and starting over again. When I just arrived at Japan, I hadn’t decided what I should start with. As a coffee lover, I continued to study coffee for the time being until I heard Candice intends to establish Tasse Coffee.

Recently, there have been too many changes. Our world has begun to change, where our original life and work patterns are totally different from the past. Almost everything is moving online. Although Tasse Coffee is far away from me and located in Hong Kong, I am thinking of “why not try to start a long-distance business and enter the international market?”

NEW environment, NEW challenge with NEW start, I embarked on a new journey of coffee entrepreneurship.

Tasse Coffee is a WHOLE NEW BRAND co-founded by Candice、Shawn and Raymond. They are going to tell you “What Does Coffee Means To Themselves”.

TASSSE’s Coffee
T ranquil – A Good Listener Sharing Your Tension
A ddictive – A Drink That Fascinate You
S entimental – A Well Accompany Discovering Yourselves
S pecial – Every Cup of Coffee Has It’s Own Characteristic.
E legant – Evert Cup of Coffee Is A Speciality.

TASSE’s Concept & Daily Operation
If You Want To Enjoy Coffee, You Have To Get Into It.
Various Coffee Brewing Courses will be held every week, you will learn how to brew a cup of coffee shop-level specialty coffee at home; taste coffee; Identify different types of coffee beans and their origins.
Searching for High-Quality Coffee Beans from all over the world
We are constantly introducing high-quality coffee beans from all over the world and  updating our products on website, just want to allow our customers to purchase their favourite coffee products online easily.

Coffee Is Not Just A Cup Of Drink
We hope that in the near future we will have our own physical Café, which can provide more  refined and better tasted coffee for you to enjoy. At the same time, we will continue to hold more types of courses for you, the coffee lovers, and those of you who haven't tried before, bringing out the concept of TASSE COFFEE.

We are based in Hong Kong, Domingo and Japan.

Tasse Coffee headquarter is located at Kwai Chung in Hong Kong. We are going to deliver the highest quality achievable in all aspects of our business, whether that be sourcing the most beautiful and wondrous coffees attainable or employing the most mindful and quality-focused practices possible in Hong Kong Market.

We have resources in Domingo and Japan for coffee bean sourcing and the delivery issues.

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